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Putting the "Pro" in Professional

Posted by jasonstone20 
Putting the "Pro" in Professional
March 12, 2022 08:22PM
Kyle Noseworthy has come a long way from just making knife-sharpening videos. In this video, he repairs and restores a 3 piece Wusthof wedding knife set that a "professional' did:

Re: Putting the "Pro" in Professional
March 12, 2022 08:24PM
i just watched that the other day, interestingly a guy in the filipino facebook group also just watched him.

he must be getting up in the ratings for people who watch knife related content
Re: Putting the "Pro" in Professional
March 12, 2022 08:59PM
I would note also that while he calls the other person a "professional" as they dont say who it was.. we really dont know that they are a professional.

we also dont know what the pro charged. $10 or $400.. we dont know what he charged to re do them all either.,.

someone might be a professional, but have someone say, i only want to spend $50, what can you do for me, and only later regret this and fork out more money... but no longer trust the work of the first person

if the person really is that bad and a professional, why not say who it was to save others from a bad experience.
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