The Story Of Sol Invictus Arms And The AA-12 Shotgun
January 26, 2022 12:25AM
So, this is an interesting story(warning, adult language), including:
  • People pre-ordered the guns, need refunds
  • History of the original AA-12 makers: A non-gun guy and a mechanical genius
  • Stainless Steel Cast Parts and Stamped Sheet Steel
  • Acquiring the AA-12 designs and rights to manufacture
  • How the old AA-12's were built
  • Problems negotiating the sale of the designs and rights, and a tattletale
  • Problems with the ATF
  • Criminal Charges against two 90-year old men
  • Silly Gun Laws
  • ATF is upset
  • ATF destroys all the AA-12's except 1, even the movie props
  • Differences between the Semi-Auto and the Auto version
  • Military Requires a selector switch vs gun trigger semi/full control
  • Ammo issues
  • Acquiring Ammo that works
  • Unsafe Gun Testing
  • Same Guys made the Thunder-5 pre-cursor to the Taurus Judge
  • Laws vs Rules
  • Unaccountable Bureaucrats
  • Gun Manufacturers and Importers Chicken Out Mostly
  • Most Small Manufacturers don't have the money to bring lawsuits
  • Problems with the ATF and gun parts for suppressors, no further parts for any of the AA-12 is to be made

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