Raspberry Pi Blade Server
August 08, 2021 11:17PM
This looks awesome!

Re: Raspberry Pi Blade Server
August 23, 2021 04:10PM
This looks super cool. Definitely on my "I want one, but have no idea what I'd use it for," list. The idea of clustering Pis is really interesting, but for me anyway it's in the "solution looking for a problem" category, though most of my projects are.

Any idea what you'd run on them, Jason?
Re: Raspberry Pi Blade Server
August 24, 2021 02:10AM
Probably just a file server or a web server for my personal data and web page, nothing special.
Re: Raspberry Pi Blade Server
January 04, 2022 04:37PM
I've got a bunch of various microcontrollers/Soc and they are pretty fun.

One project I've wanted to work on is getting pianoteq on a RPi 4.
Pianoteq is different from a synthesizer in that it doesn't used pre-recorded sample but rather a mathematical model to create the piano tone. It is much more real sounding.

Pi4 + a DAC from hifi berry + keyboard (ie Roland A-88) is a great way to go rather than spending much more.
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