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General Firearm Discussion

Posted by Ryan Nafe 
Re: General Firearm Discussion
February 21, 2022 05:22PM
Oh come on, just fan the hammer while hip-shooting and you’ll do fine, all the totally real cowboys did it. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Really though it might not be that bad, I was getting pretty good at the loading and unloading procedures by the end of the 100 rounds, and the gun was getting a lot smoother, too.
Re: General Firearm Discussion
February 23, 2022 11:32PM
That sounds like a great way to shoot my own hand. Do you ever watch the fast draw competitions? Last one I saw was the women’s championship. The winner drew, cocked, fired, and hit the target in 0.24 seconds. She got more done in that quarter second than I do before lunch.
Re: General Firearm Discussion
February 25, 2022 02:25PM
Yeah the cowboy-action and fast draw stuff is pretty impressive. For me, the appeal to the Wrangler Birdshead was largely the short barrel and the birdshead grip that makes the gun pretty easy to fit in a jacket pocket. A holster really would be good too, but it’s very safe to carry loaded without a holster and will fit in the pockets of both of my fall and winter jackets, which are a Columbia Powder Lite vest and a Columbia Horizons Pine 3-in-1 jacket, respectively.
Re: General Firearm Discussion
April 01, 2022 02:55PM
I managed to finally get out and put the first 100 rounds through my 10/22 Target, this rifle:

The accuracy, at least with the Norma Tac-22 ammo I used, is a bit better than I was expecting. It will stack the entire 10 round magazine into a nickel-sized group without any real effort at 30 yards. I’m quite happy with it. The Norma ammo isn’t good for hunting outside of going for headshots, but it’s apparently pretty accurate stuff.
Re: General Firearm Discussion
April 04, 2022 11:35AM
What’s the velocity on the Norma Tac-22? There are a couple types around. One is subsonic and the other is high velocity 22 @ 1250 fps or so. The high velocity is quite pricey here.
Re: General Firearm Discussion
April 04, 2022 11:36AM
Oh, and a 10/22 is on my short list. I feel like no collection is complete without one.
Re: General Firearm Discussion
April 04, 2022 11:43AM
It’s a 40 grain bullet at a claimed 1,100 FPS, I didn’t actually chronograph it though. They’re not plain lead [that should read “they are plain lead”] and they’re using a grease-type lube instead of the wax-type that CCI uses.

I got a lot of this stuff because for a month or two it was all they had at the store so I’d just buy a couple 50 round boxes every time I’d go in there.

Edited for clarification, the edit is in brackets.

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Re: General Firearm Discussion
April 04, 2022 12:03PM
Ok. That’s the stuff that just started showing up here. We had loads of the high velocity stuff but most places wanted $10/50 rounds. According to most sources that 1100 fps stuff shoots very well. I found a place selling CCI standard velocity 1070 fps loads for just under $10/100 so I stocked up on those. My Marlin really likes them. What scope do you have on the rifle?
Re: General Firearm Discussion
April 04, 2022 02:35PM
They just got a bunch of CCI Standard here, too, for that same price of $10/100 rounds. The Norma was, if I remember correctly, $8 per 50 round box. Pricey, but it’s good target ammo and that’s all they had at the time.

The scope is a Leupold VX-Freedom Rimfire 3-9x40mm, that was the only rimfire-appropriate scope they had at the shop. Glass quality is apparently very high because it’s an extremely clear, crisp, and bright optic. My only criticism is that the adjustment knobs have a rather vague and plastic-like feel of the clicks, but it’s not meant to be constantly adjusted like my Sightron is. I think it’ll be a pretty decent scope and I would definitely expect it to be for the $300 it cost.
Re: General Firearm Discussion
June 13, 2022 05:31PM
Galco Royal Guard for my G27:

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