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The Old Cliff Stamp Forum Site Is Down, Working On Getting It Running Again and a Torrent Download for the Old Forum

Posted by jasonstone20 
Unfortunatly, the old Cliff Stamp Forum site Is down, we are working on getting it up and running again ASAP and hopefully a Torrent Download for the Old Forum also, so stay tuned TRUE BELIEVERS!
If you could get the old Cliff Stamp forum page back online that would be really great!

I keep my fingers crossed for this and also for the torrent download from the old forum!
Ok, I just talked to Pat Stamp via text, and he said he is going to check on getting the old forum up and running first thing tomorrow morning his time zone
That sounds really good and I really hope it works. I'm just not sure if it's really that easy - simply because the domain cliffstamp.com has expired and is for sale. But I don't know much about things like websites, domains, etc., so I hope my worries are unfounded!

Yeah, that for sale page is just a default screen. It was a simple issue that triggered this problem and that means it is an easy fix, thankfully! Should be taken care of before the week is up hopefully.

any news on the attempt to bring the old Cliff Stamp forum site back online?

Some time has passed since the announcement, I'm almost afraid that it's not that easy after all?!

And what about the possibility of a torrent download with the data from the old forum page? Unfortunately nothing seems to have happened yet...

Any news is welcome, at the moment unfortunately the impression is that nothing is happening....
Gentlemen, I apologize for any ghosting I may have done. In between the unfortunate news about Cliff and the forum (hopefully temporarily) being locked I have just been very busy with stuff and never found myself returning here. If I had known that people needed the archive sooner I would have uploaded it.

The archive is around 3gb in size, last updated on 30 June 2021. Any posts after that I do not have. From what I can tell, if an image was broken when I archived it (due to things like photobucket URL expirations) then it is obviously not available, but otherwise everything else is intact.

I will reply with the URL, I am currently uploading it to the Internet Archive.
We still are working on getting the old forum site up and running. I have been busy with other stuff and also sick with whatever cold is going around. Looks like Worm Oracle uploaded the old forum to an achieving service, I might try doing the same if there is missing data, since my download was 29GB, not the 3GB that Worm Oracle had, but I didn't compress the data and kept all the file structure intact to be used locally.
Its great to have access to both:
Compressed and original versions.
Thank You Jason and Worm Oracle
for caring. I honestly appreciate it.

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