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Norton Ascent Ceramic UF Stones

Posted by jasonstone20 
Norton Ascent Ceramic UF Stones
September 27, 2021 08:57PM

Exciting New Norton Ceramic Stones
Norton Pike Ascent Ceramic Stones are the latest development from a company with a long history of making quality sharpening stones. We're excited that Norton has chosen to work with Sharpening Supplies to launch these new stones. The quality and convenience of these extremely hard, extremely fine, extremely flat stones will make sharpeners of tools and knives alike excited as well.

Extremely Hard
Ascent Stones are made of exceptionally pure ceramic material and are truly hard. Ceramic this hard will cut any steel, even the very hard, tough alloys found in the best knives and tools. Ceramic stones wear exceptionally well for a long life even with heavy use.

Extremely Fine
The Ultra Fine grade of the Ascent Ceramic Stones is for finishing and polishing. The resulting finish is finer than that achieved from a Hard Translucent Arkansas and comparable to the Norton 8000 grit Water Stone. These are great for a final sharpening step and to maintain a razor edge on your tools and knives.

Extremely Flat
Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones are reliably flat. They are machined to a flat, smooth surface when they are made, and the same hard wearing characteristics that give them a long life also ensures that they will remain flat. These stones will not dish or cup with use.

Ready When You Need Them
One of the factors that keeps people from sharpening is the inconvenience of the whole operation. Stones have to be prepared. Messes have to be cleaned up. Ascent Ceramic stones offer the convenience of stones that are ready to go when you are.
No Flattening Required - Norton Ascent Stones start flat and remain flat. Checking a stone for flatness before every use is not needed.
Used Dry - Norton Ascent Ceramic Stones do not require any oil or water when sharpening. No preparation or cleanup is required.
Great for Tools or Knives!
Norton Ascent Ceramic stones will appeal to tool sharpeners who will appreciate the permanent flatness of the stones. Put a final polish on chisel and blade blade backs or hone wide bevels without worrying about any dish or cup in the stone.

Knife sharpeners will value the Norton Ascent Ceramic's flatness as well of course, but also their ability to handle super hard alloys. Hone exotic steel knives to razor sharpness quickly and efficiently.

Pocket Size Also Available
In addition to the bench stone sizes, the Norton Ascent Ceramic Stone is also available in a 4" Pocket Stone Size.

Norton Item and Part Numbers
6" x 2" x 1/2" Ultra Fine Ascent Ceramic Item No. UAB6, Part No. 69078643673
8" x 2" x 1/2" Ultra Fine Ascent Ceramic Item No. UAB82, Part No. 69078643675
8" x 3" x 1/2" Ultra Fine Ascent Ceramic Item No. UAB83, Part No. 69078643677
Re: Norton Ascent Ceramic UF Stones
October 01, 2021 08:50AM
A little too expensive for my taste but I bet they work great. I wonder how similar they are to the Spyderco UF stones?
Re: Norton Ascent Ceramic UF Stones
October 01, 2021 09:03PM
I don't know, I am going to try to buy the pocket version and see what type of grit finish it leaves.
Re: Norton Ascent Ceramic UF Stones
October 01, 2021 09:18PM
I’m still working on final assembly of my edge pro clone. The pocket stone would be a great finishing stone. I’m also considering some Arkansas pocket stones for the same purpose, as well as using my current set of diamond stones. I want to get a set of Congress stones for rebeveling.
Re: Norton Ascent Ceramic UF Stones
October 01, 2021 10:46PM
Yeah, that would be awesome to check out.
Re: Norton Ascent Ceramic UF Stones
October 02, 2021 02:12AM
I’ve seen these on their site before. Sharpening Supplies is where I buy about 75% of the sharpening equipment I have, I like their customer service and their website is decent too. Plus they’re based in Wisconsin, like me.

I considered buying those but I passed, I just think the grit finish is likely to be too high for me, for the way I typically use and sharpen knives.

That being said, the fact that they’re made by Norton and are advertised as being machined flat, I’m sure they’re well worth getting if a person likes stones in that grit range. The flatness is really the big thing, that’s one of my only real criticisms of the Spyderco stones, they’re not very flat. If Norton and Sharpening Supplies were to make another one of these in a type that’s similar to the Spyderco medium ceramic, I’d definitely buy one.

You could essentially use these like a very precise burnishing plate if you wanted, just a very hard, smooth, flat surface to realign an edge. It should work really well.
Re: Norton Ascent Ceramic UF Stones
October 12, 2021 06:00PM
A short video by Norton Abrasives/St. Gobain about the stone:

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