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ultralight firearms

Posted by William 
ultralight firearms
February 24, 2022 02:42PM
I've been interested in ultralight firearms (knives too) lately. i think it started when a 6 and 1/4 lb 375 Ruger arrived.

I have remotely tested a 2lb (908gram) 12 ga with buckshot. Recoil appeared to be fierce as it disabled the remote firing cradle. An online recoil calculator estimates the recoil at 110 ftlb! Kind of extreme.

A 1 lb 22 rimfire would be neat, or perhaps a 2.5lb 5.56.

Talking long guns only here, non-restricted in Canada (standard firearms license)

Anyone else have something that's ultralight? Too light? I know mass in the gun helps with shooting and recoil management... but I like to push the envelope.
Re: ultralight firearms
February 24, 2022 03:28PM
I handled a BLR in 308 that was very light. Light enough that I wasn’t too enthused about shooting it. I’d say it was about 4.5 to 5 pounds. I didn’t shoot it as it was in a gun shop. I think the Scandium framed 357 revolvers are lighter than I’d like but like you said only long guns. Some of the magnesium receiver rifles are interesting.
Re: ultralight firearms
February 24, 2022 04:12PM
I don’t like ultralight rifles. They’re more difficult to hold on target, the increased recoil requires perfect shooting technique, and the very thin barrels get very hot very quickly.
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