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Types Of Camouflage Evaluated

Posted by jasonstone20 
Types Of Camouflage Evaluated
January 16, 2022 10:09PM
I have been wanting to get some new field attire, and I think that the old-school US M81 Woodland is best for my environment, even though the others would also work. These are the camo's I looked at:
US M81 Woodland versus PL Woodland


Re: Types Of Camouflage Evaluated
January 17, 2022 08:56PM
The top picture looks best imho. The other seems more obvious.
Re: Types Of Camouflage Evaluated
January 17, 2022 10:56PM
Those are the close up photo's. If you check out the web links there are several photo's in different situations and distances.
Re: Types Of Camouflage Evaluated
January 21, 2022 12:11AM
Personally, for surplus camo patterns, I heavily favor German Flektarn. I haven’t checked availability lately but I have a surplus German rain suit in that pattern, it’s a gortex type one with pants/bibs and a jacket. Around here it works exceptionally well in all but winter environments.
Re: Types Of Camouflage Evaluated
January 23, 2022 10:02AM
Looks like a good pattern. I live next to a Army Surplus store so I usually buy what is on sale. My current setup is Urban Tigerstrip since I live in the city, but unless you are colorblind I think that pattern would stand out in the woods. I do have a coyete tan fatigue shirt along with some olive colored fatigue pants, that is my woods setup right now, plus it doesn't look out of place in an Urban Enviroment, i.e. I don't look like a wanna-be Militia Memeber that way.
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